The page is important to us...please read it.
RadioDazed decided to put up a ongoing "Thank You" list of all the people, bands etc...that have helped us in any way...along the way!!!
We will never forget you!

"First of all, I just want to extend my sincere gratitude to any one
mentioned on this list. Your help means so much to all of us. On behalf of RD, thank you very much and we hope to hear from you soon."
- Mark

Low Budget Records..............Charlie B.
Steve G, Matt L and Ken B from the P.A.R.C.
Distortion studios
Dirty Flannel Dog Trax, A division of Madawaska Music
(Merissa & Les)
Shark Finn Digital
SpectraSonicSound....Scallen, (234-punx, Saw,
Murielle V...........from Swish
Lil' Maki... (Kenneth.........fatty goatee)
Emily Celeste for producing, engineering and all your help!!
Ashley T.............Thanks for being in the band!!!!!!
The Fisticuffs,
Nowhere Fast,
Us Against Them,
Fruit Cocktail
Cory Z.
Sarah B.... for the photographs
Jen T.
Warren K.
Katie...for the sweet ass/old ass fan page.
Carolyn--- for the merch.!!!
Jenn in Toronto.
Jee......(J. S.)
Andrew L.
Kim from Cyber's
The entire Maki family for their incredible support
Justin M. mixer (sessions from the can)
Sean See -High Voltage Rocks!-
Bridie's original stickers
Jordan G.
Kyle and Travis for the backdrop
Devon  for the support, amp, extra guitar, your scanner and jam sessions... oh yeah and for joining the band
Nick R. for the cd burnings
Ryan c  (to bad about the keg)
Uncle John and Aunt Corrine who gave us ten hours a studio
Anyone who came to our shows even though we nag you,
anyone coming to future shows, anyone who bought our albums and
showed their support(it sounds redundant but  really it's true)
also, anyone we may have forgot to mention and of course you!!!!!!!!!
Your support means a lot....thanks!!!!!!!
If we forgot anyone, sorry we didn't mean to!
NO THANX!!!! To jealous people, you know who you are.