So far we have a total of four recordings:
(oldest to newest)
Pick A real Career----a six song ep, first studio recording. Cassette only      

KDZ/live at W.C.S.S -----jam session recording...not availiable

(16 tracks)       Pick it up fast

Compilation Albums

$ 8 Ottawa band comp...coming soon. Other bands include Zefer, Shatnr, Red Hemsley, Fuck The Facts and many more!

The Band??? Who and what are they?
( the blah blah part)

   RadioDazed is a punk band based out of Ottawa Canada. It all started almost six years ago (back in 1994) as a thing to do in a place where there is nothing to do...(West Carleton)... but soon an actual band emerged while making good original punk rock and loving it! Their music can be described as Geen Day (especially GD's old tunes) meeting Rancid . Some tend to say it sounds a lot like The Misfits without the ghoul. If you can picture it. Whatever, anyway the result is good melodic punk RAWK which is very catchy and refreshing. Other influences are from bands such as Goldfinger, Bad Religion, AFI, The Clash, NOFX...etc.. We've been playing shows for over three years now, so we have had plenty of time to get sick of each other. They have played with a variety of bands from all over, from London, England to California (lookout record bands)
    Back in the day(199?), RadioDazed  was nominated for the Ytv achievment award. As well, have been selected to play on national t.v. but turned it down for a school field trip. Nobody said we were smart. In the past we were awarded somewhat respectable prizes...so respectable they will not be mentioned. If you have experienced any of our shows you can probably tell that we try to give you the best and most entertaining show we can.
    We are in the process of sending out "new" demos (because the old ones sucked)...Cross your fingers for us, or plug your nose whatever you think works better...We are big supporters of the local scene here in Ottawa. You should be too!!! There is a lot of great music out there!!!! Besides if you are then we might see you at one of our shows!!! Could we be so lucky???!!!

Individual Info:
(the useless funny stuff)


Is the  lead vocalist (hear me roar) and used to be the lead guitarist, but he has put his powers to playing bass. This was done so all the guys could continue to play music while Matt was in Toronto. All his guitar stuff cost him was five dollars and a Big Red stick of gum. The gum was tasted like wood. RD use to tour in a van or death trap, that resembles that toy in a hotwheel set that everyone tries to trade for a Ford Tempo. It's old, rusty, smells and it's his (Nials's sex van). Nials can never remember the lyrics to any of the songs we play so if you know them he would be happy if you would remind him before he sings the song... He likes girls so if you like him send him naked pictures, it doesn't really have to be of you....thank you. Oh yeah, there is no free sex pictures but thank you for reading!!!             
Favorite bands: Bad Religion, 311, The Beatles, Blink 182, Green Day, Millencolin, The Misfits,System Of A Down, Static X and don't forget O-Town.

Now one of the guitarist. He used to be the bassist but things underwent change as mentioned before. He also does some vocals. If you have ever seen any shows performed by RadioDazed it is easy to tell that Matt has nothing but FUN onstage,   HE loves to perform and  just being a FOO...L. He also maintains this webpage so you can point your finger and laugh at him. Matt is studying acting, for his future... He's a Thesbian....be careful....funny.....yes....no, he is!!!!..don't worry he comes back to play shows all the time!!! Yes he is Mark's brother if you couldn't tell!!!
Favorite bands: The Bouncing Souls, Lagwagon, The Misfits, Green Day, Pennywise, emo stuff Ten Foot Pole, Jawbreaker and of course B4-4

Mark started drumming when the band was originally known as High voltage, Spin Head, Zero or any other dumb names you may have heard. He plays a Pearl Export series kit now but had started with a TCM kit. He  lives in Ottawa, like the others and it is as exciting as being in a hotshots strip club on a Sunday night. We tour in a death trap and we receive no money. So if you want to send me money please do. You can also send him naked pictures of yourself. Girls will be e-mailed back. Guys will receive a free copy of Windows 98...ouch. There is some computer nerd talk for ya. He also has many hobbies which include viewing naked pictures of hot girls... remember Windows 98 for you buttheads....ouch, sending letters to the Big Red company because the great Nials received a stale piece of gum and, recording amateur porn. Me see you never again.... Mark  is the one with the mohawk.
Oh...and yes... he's not Matt's brother!!!
Favorite bands: Rancid, Operation Ivy, The Misfits, AFI,  The Clash, Green Day, The Unseen also 98 Degrees

(Devo Die)
Devon is the newest guy. He plays the other guitar. He joined the band when Ashley went away to school (on the other side of Ontario). He likes to be called Devo so if you see him call him by that or he won't answer. Expect lots of stuff from this dude he is  a shinning star. Devon will be posing for a Zellers underwear catalogue. So catch him in the newest issue of your junk mail. If you don't see him there perhaps you will bump into him at AA, DA and 'anger management sessions'!!! Watch out he now drives the RD van so i would stay of the street and sidewalks!!! Oh yeah...you must compliment him on his 'beautiful' truck and car or he'll get capital on your ass!!!
Favorite bands: The Misfits, Sublime, Green Day, Goldfinger, DropKick Murphy's, Metallica, and we can't forget N'Sync.


Ashley well he's back and not so back.... from  learning more about the woods and the air. Now he's ready to sweep the ladies off their feet. The original bond couldn't blow this guy away. Ashley use to play guitar for RD and warms them all up with his  smile. Ashley is our Sid Vicious. He bleeds from the fingers when playing this is his contribution so that we can always be punk rawking the world!!! Catch him whenever you see him...If you can...
Favorite bands: Face to Face, Limp, NOFX, Gob, Metallica, Ten Foot Pole, Green Day, but best of all is the Backstreet Boys.

... you can find naked pictures of all of them at http://www.nakedhotboys.com