Here is the place to see when and where we are playing next... Maybe it's near you!!! Please come check us out live... Hope to see you there!!!

Future shows to Past shows....

Date                 Where/Venue                          Other Bands     

July 27th    TBA              FOB (Windsor)

July 9th     Kanata --------- Party show -----------

July 5th          Ottawa                 Zafar, The Creeps, Elysium      
         Bumpers -- 580 Bank

June 9th         Ottawa             Three inches of blood, Fuck the Facts              The Underground                The Bottom
            1077 Bank st.

June 6th        West Carleton        "Variety of things and bands!"

April 22         Ottawa                              The Filth, Five years ti the day, Atom & his          Saw (arts court)                 package

Feb 23           Windsor                           Sewing With Nancie (windsor), FOB (St  C.)
        The Coach -- 156 Chatham st. west

Feb 22           London                           Dead Letter Department,  
                        The Embassy                  plus  2 London local bands

Feb 21           London                              Not a show. We are recording
                         Fanshaw college

Feb 20           Toronto                             TBA     
                         Planet Kensignton  

Dec 22           Ottawa                      Alter Ego, Blue Collar Madness
                         The  Underground -- 1077 Bank St.
------------------------------ CANCELLED -------------------------------------

Nov 10.           Kingston--Club 477      The Rotten(Kitchener), Throttle(Kingston)
KP Productions         477 Princess st.

Oct 5.              Ottawa-- Bumpers       Moral Hazard, Alter Ego                    
Gas Records

??                    Ottawa -- ??                  I Hate Sally, plus more
We might  be working on A  3 - 4 week tour for the summer of 2002.

Plus other shows in:

Quebec City
St. Johns, Nfld

Have any ideas how we can improve our live shows? Let us know!!!!
Rock On!!!!!!

Have any ideas for 'Kenneth' and how he can improve his intro's.

If you one of those people who put on shows in your area please contact us we would love to play for you!!!!

                   These People are RD fans...huh???what?