For educating yourself ,chumming around, but most importantly for truly exciting visits!!! (If a link is not working...please let  know)
Fan Pages:

Katie's Fan Page
I can think of six other things to do but why not visit a RD fan page!!!

Cool Bands:(bands we like and think you should too!!!)

get punched by bad boys from Carp...ouch!!!
The fisticuffs homepage. A punk band (old school) from Ottawa. These boys kick punch. Ouch!!!!!!!

A great punk band from Sudbury. They're our friends. Check them out if
you like good punk rawk....

Hardcore to poppy.....great stuff!!!!... Go see them play!!!!!

Definetly a band you want to check out...careful it's a boy band!

A cool band from Toronto (formerly the stiffs). Keep your ear open for these guys for sure!

You might know these guys...The hail from Ottawa...You must check them out!!!!! A wild bunch indeed!!!!

Handicap 5
Great band, great music, great shows... check them out!!!!

A punk/ska/funk band hailing from mean ol' Ottawa

are they?
Unemployed check them out. They are now!!  Very good band from Ottawa!!

Punk rock..that rocks!!!                             
Yet another great punk rock band to come out of the wild streets of
Ottawa!!! Re-shaping the Orleans punk scene!

Catch the catchy!!!
A really great band from Ottawa!!!Catchy stuff!!! Now catch them!

Emo-ish...good band from Ottawa!!!

Other Cool Pages:

Sudbury indie label!!!!!
A Sudbury indie label..check it out...some darn cool bands are there!!

Ottawa Punk Page
All the info you need on ottawa punk/ska/emo/hardcore/skate etc..

Mc Shanti...need i say more???
Hey !!! Check out what the punks of WC do!!! on a typical night!!! You will not be sorry...i promise!!!

Go there! If you are in a independant band!

Mercury Blue's Homepage
Our friend Shannon's page. A good punk rock chick's (Mercury Blue)
homepage Do you like to skateboard. Do you like punk music then Check it out!!!!!!

The very old page!
The old now Un-Official Homepage
Why not? It is quite amusing.