Come back to this page soon for all kinds of RadioDazed merch.

What we have:

- Stickers--------------  Free... please ask us for some!!!

- Patches-------------   One Style!!!

- T-shirts-------------   Two styless!!!...coming real soon!!!

-  Pins-------------------  One Style...coming soon!!!

- Bandanas-----------  One style!!!

- Videos - all on one video- Live at the Carp Fair
 ($15)                                                  Live at the Liquid Monkey
                                                              Live at the Kathedral...Toronto
 (Just Ask)                                      Live at Parish Hall... poor quality
                                                              Live at W.c.S.S.

RadioDazed is working on a video for you the fans which includes all the secret stuff and bathroom humour you'd want to know..well too a limit...It also includes, concert clips, music videos, interviews and backstage stuff.

See what we have to offer at  me it's not an excuse to get you to go!!!

If you want something e-mail us to order the goods.. you know you want too!!!

Rock On!!!!!!...for goods